PREHISTORIC REPTILES OF POLAND is a computer animated paleontology documentary whose subject are the incredible extinct animals that once inhabited Poland. A first of its kind movie created by a set of independent artists of different fields (working closely with scientists) lead by a paleoartists and paleontologist Szymon Górnicki.  

A second part of the picture is planned, which will be a classic documentary showing the fossils and the researchers.

The film is dedicated to recipients of all ages. We want to deliver a documentary which will be in agreement with current paleontological data, while at the same time provide visual thrills and entertainment.  The primary goals are pass on the scientific knowledge on the Triassic world of central Europe and raise the interest towards Earth’s history, paleontology and nature.

In the movie w ego back to the Mesozoic with a “filming crew” in order to record a nature movie.

We learn from the experiences of our predecessors from the genre of animated “dinosaur” documentaries (Walking with Dinosaurs (1999), When Dinosaurs Roamed America (2001), The Ballad of Big Al (2000)) while at the same time paying homage to them. We wish this documentary to be “a modern paleoart” in order to reconstruct ancient life in the best way and show our passion.

It is time to approach the subject from the paleontologists’, paleoartists’ and fans’ perspective. Let us change the face of paleontology films together and become an example of the new generation.


Join us on our journey through time!




Planned publishing forms:

– VOD services

– dvd (through crowdfunding)

– TV


 Probable release date – 2022.


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Jacek Walkiewicz